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The Basics Of Power Washing
about 3 years ago

Power washing or pressure washing is a process whereby high-pressure water is used to clean objects including cars, buildings, pavement, grass, trees, etc. It is also known as water jetting and as a by-product of its use a hot water supply called a "pressure wash tank" is built where the pressure from the water jetting unit is stored. Pressure washing is commonly used in residential areas for the removal of dirt and debris. Read more on Roof Cleaning.


There are two basic types of power washing and both are used to clean surfaces with different types of dirt. One of these types of power washing is commonly called an ultrasonic power washing machine. The other type of power washing method is known as a steam power washing machine. Both these power washing methods work in the same way and are often combined for greater effects in cleaning.


Pressure washing machines use a high pressure sprayer, which is usually mounted on a truck. High-pressure streams are directed towards the surface being cleaned in a large spray pattern. This spraying action causes the dirt and debris to be swept away from the surface while leaving behind a smooth and clean surface for the next application. Depending on the type of dirt present on the object to be cleaned, the type of pressure washing used is determined.


Ultrasonic power washing machines are similar in concept to pressure washing machines but the principle behind the water jets used are different. Ultrasonic power washing machines to spray water in the same way as high-pressure water jets but with much smaller jets. In ultrasonic power washing machines there is a spray head which uses high frequency sound waves to send powerful water jets across the surface to dislodge dirt and debris. The jets can be adjusted to be in a straight line or to follow a curve.


Steam power washing machines employ the same principle of using high pressure to remove dirt but instead of using jets of water they use heated steam. When high temperature water is sprayed onto a surface, it causes the material to vaporize. As the material vaporizes, the dirt and debris will be expelled as hot water droplets. These steam-powered water droplets are more dense and therefore can carry more dirt and debris than air-dropped water droplets. steam power washed surfaces leave surfaces clean and free of debris but with an oily residue.


When power washed surfaces need to be polished and waxed, they should be cleaned as soon as possible as removing debris such as mud, food particles, dirt and debris can cause scratches and etching on the surface. In addition, if the surface is a hard one, they can become damaged due to abrasions caused by the steam and water droplets of water can cause damage to the hard surface such as cracking. It is important that when using power washing machines to clean hard surfaces that you use only certified water jetting equipment. Any equipment used to clean hard surfaces should be tested to ensure it is certified by the manufacturer before use. Read more on Concrete Cleaning.


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